Central Baptist Bearden
Saturday, February 25, 2017
Adult Bible Study

How do so many adults find close-knit friendships and relationships in such a big church? You only need to visit our Adult Bible Study classes to find out. Every week, you’ll find opportunities to make new friends, to fellowship together, to dig into the Bible and find out how to apply its teaching today, and to belong to a group sharing your needs and concerns, and ready to be there for you through the good times and the bad. After all, that’s what friendships are about.

Our Maturity Leaders and Teachers are trained to teach God’s Word in a way that is intriguing and applicable to your life. Your fellow class members want to personally care for and minister to you and one another. And through ministry and mission projects, you can join your class team to make a difference in your community-and the world!-by helping others.

When you journey down life’s unpredictable road, it’s great to know that you’ve got friends who love you and support you. At Central Baptist Bearden, you’ll build quality relationships that will last a lifetime. Join us weekly for Bible Study. Everyone is welcome! Helpers at the Welcome Center will direct you to a class.    

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Married Adult Bible Study Classes
9:55 AM Sundays
Class Ages Room
Adult 1 80+ Coed FH-01, 02, 04A, 04B, 05
Adult 2 70+ Coed FH-06, 07
Adult 3 60s/70s Coed & Women 236, 236B, 236C
Adult 4 60s/70s Coed 220
Adult 5 60s/70s Coed 332
Adult 6 50s/60s Coed 335
Adult 7 50s Coed 222, 227
Adult 8 40s/50s Coed 218
Adult 9 40s/50s Coed 330
Adult 10 30s/40s Coed 235
Connections Open Age 331 3rd Fl
Ladies 55+ Women 338
Bible Survey 50+ Coed 215
Briggs 50+ Coed 223
LifeGroup Open Age Coed 219
Sisters by Grace 50+ Women Conf. Rm C 3rd Fl

If you have questions about Sunday School or Discipleship Classes for married adults, please contact Ashley Nelkin, Faith Formation Ministry Assistant, at 450-1000 ext. 135 or anelkin@cbcbearden.org.

There are also many discipleship classes for all ages-some study specific books of the Bible and others are topical in nature. These classes are offered at various times.