Central Baptist Bearden
Saturday, February 25, 2017
Financial Reports
Central Baptist Church of Bearden is supported by its membership through tithes and offerings which are classified either as designated or undesignated (Budget) depending upon the instructions of the contributor.  All designated funds shall be contributed for the regular religious or benevolent programs of the church or for special needs deemed compatible with our church program.  Ultimate responsibility for expenditures shall be vested in the church membership.  However, due to the fortunate growth of the church, it is necessary for the day-by-day fiscal operations to be administered by the Finance and Development Committee and the Church Administrator.  In addition, the church membership elects a Church Treasurer and Assistant Church Treasurer to insure continuity of lay leadership involved in oversight of the financial operations of the church.  Annually the church has an outside audit of its financial reports. Click for current 2015-16 budget 
Financial Reports
Monthly Reports   Quarterly Reports
June 30, 2016 4th Quarter 2014
 July 31, 2016 1st Quarter 2015
   2nd Quarter 2015
  4th Quarter 2015 
   1st Quarter 2016
  2nd Quarter 2016