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Saturday, February 25, 2017
Global Missions
 The Direct Global Missions Committee at CBB is tasked with investigating, evaluating, and making decisions as to the distribution of the church's funds set aside for mission projects.
Direct Global Missions Committee
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Susan Fendley David Stockton Ron Leadbetter
Lindsey Manolache Reggie McKinney Judy Shepherd
Marty Smith Martha M Walker Scott Purkey

Direct Global Missions Committee Guidelines

1. Funds will be used for work (materials) and travel expenses for Central Baptist Bearden members. No more than 50% of the travel expenses will be paid for any one individual unless it is a very special and specific situation approved by both the DGMC and the Church Missions Committee.

2. Cooperate with the International Mission Board, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, and CBB members and former members who have a global mission ministry that may or may not be affiliated with IMB or CBF. In any given budget year, expenditures of this nature will not exceed 10% of the total DGMC’s annual budget. In a unique situation requiring more than 10% funding, approval by the church at the next business meeting will be required.

3. All projects will be undertaken only after full communication with authorized persons on the mission field where the project will be carried out. There will be mutual agreement on dates, housing of volunteers, availability of materials for the work, supervision of the work, opportunities for witnessing, preaching, teaching, and for medical work, if possible, and any other matters vital to the success of the mission trip and project.

4. Each project proposal will be presented for committee approval with an estimated budget of the CBB portion of the expense of the project.

5. Projects will be considered and funded throughout the year as they come to the attention of the Committee. However, when the funds available are limited, projects that are anticipated for the following year are requested to be turned in at a DGMC meeting as soon as possible.

6. Projects will be selected in a regular Committee meeting with regard to their urgency and importance. If no funds are available, the person or group may be asked to submit the project at a later date or in the following fiscal year.

7. A quorum of five must be present for any vote. A simple majority is required for passage of any proposal or recommendation.

8. It is understood that some projects will not require the presence of CBB members in the field, but will be administered by the missionaries and national workers on the site. These persons will submit to the Church a full report (and expense receipts, when possible) upon completion of the project.

9. Occasionally funds may be provided for “continuing education conferences” for pastors, teachers, medical personnel, and other specialized workers on the field. It is recognized by CBB that continuing education is crucial to the strengthening of Baptist work overseas. Any uncommitted DGMC funds at the end of the fiscal year will be carried over, in total, for the subsequent fiscal year.

For any Missions Funding Request, please click here.

Chiles Endowment Guidelines
Several potential uses of the Chiles Endowment Fund earnings have been identified.

1. Western Churches, a particular interest of the Chiles, and Western Missionaries.
2. Adult CBB members seeking to pursue three months or longer mission commitments with SBC, CBF, or independent mission organizations that reflect and support the doctrines and constitution of Central Baptist Church of Bearden.
3. Provide the CBB staff with financial assistance for travel while pursuing missions activities.
4. Provide financial travel assistance to CBB members participating in mission trips planned or sponsored by CBB upon their application for financial assistance.
5. Provide funds for educational or work materials required for CBB-sponsored mission projects or trips.
6. Provide funds for a summer Missions Intern to serve area ministries. (i.e., The Lighthouse)

 It is recommended that CBB members participating in CBB-sponsored missions and trips be funded first with secondary consideration placed on CBB members participating in mission trips/projects planned /sponsored by non-CBB organizations or churches. 

For any Missions Funding Request, please click here.