Central Baptist Bearden
Saturday, February 25, 2017

The missions committee is tasked with planning, promoting, budgeting for and coordinating issues that relate to missions here at Central Bearden.
Missions Committee Members
2016 2017 2018
Alice Carson David Beshears Jim Johnson
Bill McConnell Stan Johnson Rob Johnson
Ray Strobo Michelle Pardue Kandi Walker

Missions Committee Guidelines for Funding

The CBB Missions Committee receives numerous requests for financial assistance and most, if not all, of these requests are worthy of support. Since funds are limited, it is necessary to set general guidelines for the disbursal of funds. These guidelines will be followed when evaluating all requests for financial support. All requests and subsidies are reviewed and evaluated annually.

The main purpose of the Missions Committee is to support the missional work of CBB and its affiliated state and national Baptist organizations: The Tennessee Baptist Convention, the Southern Baptist Convention, and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. 

These affiliated organizations include: 

1. Organizations and individuals functioning under the Baptist umbrella: Knox County Baptist Association’s Montgomery Village and Western Heights Baptist Centers, UT Baptist Collegiate Ministry, etc.
2. Missions/ministries actively involving a substantial number of CBB members. These include partnerships with other Christian churches and charity organizations such as Austin Homes’ The Lighthouse, Mission of Hope, Samaritan Ministry, FOCUS Prison Ministry, FISH, and Habitat for Humanity. 

Secondary is the consideration of requests from supportive organizations and individuals. Only organizations with mission statements and doctrine compatible with CBB’s constitution and by-laws will be considered appropriate for funding.

1. Community organizations that support the clients of our church and its affiliations mentioned above. Examples are: Emerald Youth Foundation, KARM, FCA, Volunteer Ministry Center, Interfaith Health Clinic, Compassion Coalition, Angelic Ministries, Operation Inasmuch, Knoxville Internationals Network (KIN), etc.
2. Individual support requests to work with non-denominational groups that have limited partnership with CBB, its activities, or membership. Examples include The Cross, Campus Crusade, Yoke, and Young Life

All requests are evaluated based on the following criteria: 

1. The number of individuals who potentially can be reached for Christ.
2. Number of CBB members involved based on financial support and time commitment.
3. Will the endeavor encourage the recipient and others to grow as Christians?
4. The organization’s or the individual’s potential to succeed with its requested activity.
5. Ninety percent? of entity funding must support the missionary and/or the ministry activity with ten percent or less? being spent on organizational overhead costs.
6. Each applicant or activity must be recommended by a minimum of one CBB staff minister and an active member of CBB.
7. In general, it is expected that the recipients of funds will be active and participating members of CBB throughout the duration of the funding.
8. For ministries or individuals with no proven history of success, funds will be distributed incrementally throughout the support period.
9. In general, funds will be paid directly to an institution instead of to an individual. 

For any Missions Funding request, please click here.

Mission Giving and Budget
We make it easy to support Mission Activities throughout the year. Each quarter, we emphasize a specific Missions Category.

                   Missions Offering
Local            January-March
North American April-June
Tennessee State July-September
World October-December

Special offering envelopes are mailed to each member’s home and additional envelopes are made available in the pew racks in the Church Sanctuary.

Baptist Cooperative Missions
5% of all undesignated offering receipts are apportioned to the Tennessee Baptist Convention (TBC), the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF).
Members/Contributors affect how that apportionment occurs by making an appropriate selection on their offering envelope.  (The options are on the envelope.)

60% TBC - 40% SBC
60% TBC - 40% CBF
43% TBC - 28.5% SBC - 28.5% CBF

Missions Budget for the Fiscal Year July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016
For Fiscal Year 2015/2016, the Missions Budget at CBB totals $444,378, encompassing 46 budgeted line items.
Baptist Cooperative Missions (5%) $166,664
Global Missions $  90,082
State & Local Missions $  43,166
Local Missions $139,466
Missions Education & Support $    5,000
Total $444,378